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      19 Nov

    That moment when you realize you gave two of your characters the same first name.... -facedesk-

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      25 Sep

    Hi all! Today is the NSP site and it's services 2 year anniversary. It's been great to serve the fantastic folks on NSP. A world server i'm proud to be a part of! Thanks for all the support and just generally being awesome! #NSP_Pride

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Forum Revival

Aug 08 2016 03:52 PM | Tar in Articles

Hi everyone!

It's been kind of quiet around here for a while now. But it's been brought to my attention that there are members of our community who would like it to be a little less quiet. So with that in mind, I've removed some stale old videos and posts on the front page. And I'm inviting members of our community to do the following:

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Emmet's Eternal Emporium [Current Raffle]

May 25 2015 09:18 PM | Moonlit in Articles

So recently I've noticed forums aren't quite as active as they could and very well should be, like it or not we just don't have a lot of people using the forums and I'd love to see it more active and so I come to you now with a potential reward for one of you. In approximately 1 week (depending on how my schedule and this thread goes >u>) one lucky member will have the chance to win 50g just for posting in this thread

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