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tru Radio - hosted by NSP!

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      19 Nov

    That moment when you realize you gave two of your characters the same first name.... -facedesk-

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NSC +5

Aug 24 2016 11:36 AM | Tar in Articles

With the change of the WvW guild auras so that +5 is the first aura, the cost of obtaining +5 is quite manageable, about 570g total. We are therefore working on obtaining +5 for our server communication guild, the NSC.

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Forum Revival

Aug 08 2016 03:52 PM | Tar in Articles

Hi everyone!

It's been kind of quiet around here for a while now. But it's been brought to my attention that there are members of our community who would like it to be a little less quiet. So with that in mind, I've removed some stale old videos and posts on the front page. And I'm inviting members of our community to do the following:

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Recent Videos

  • [CAT] Outnumbered roaming with Diablo and Zoomhax Length: 14:00
      CAT, roaming, outnumbered, NSP and 2 more...
    Great outnumbered fights against HoD and CD with Diablo. Had a lot of fun.

    Diablo is also doing a 100g giveaway on his channel if you are interested. Comment + like to enter his giveaway!

  • 9/16/16 Staff Ele TFG Reset Length: 5:15
    This is the first video I have made of my play and figured I could post it up on the nsp website. Make sure to watch to the end after the black screen for a fun ending.

  • Outnumbered fights in EB w/ Naya Commanding and 2 more wipes of KOTA Length: 8 min
    Naya was commanding in EB and we had some nice outnumbered fights. The last two clips are some more KOTA wipes. The fights aren't particularly good, but KOTA is sensitive and this will likely piss them off, so I kind of had to put those in.

  • Rolling with RAID Length: 5 min
    Ran with RAID last night. Had some nice fights. Best fights was the last one, but failed to record

  • Battle of Three Armies Length: 8 min
    After negotiations broke down over who got the last donut our armies decided to duke it out. This was the big three server rumble from 9/6/2016.